12 Thil-Qida 1445 AH   20 May 2024 AD 3:39 p.m. Karbala
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Between the Two Extremes: What is the Role of Religion in Man's Life?

{        The circumstances and social developments in the Renaissance era led to the distancing of the Christian religious institution from the ma...}


2024-04-03 148

The Prophets' Identity

{ A prophet is a person whom Allah, the Almighty appoints from among His creation to convey His message to people; therefore, he eats food and walks in the markets...}


2018-12-24 621

Muhammad… The Seal of the Prophets

{ Prophets and Messengers were consequently sent by Allah, the Almighty to the human society since Allah sent Adam down to earth until the emergence of the Prophet...}


2018-12-24 677

The Necessity of Having Faith in All Prophets

{ If the researcher whose aim is seeking the truth has passed over his first step and believed in the existence of a Lord who is managing the whole of this univers...}


2018-12-24 630


{ If man accepted the idea of 'Lordship' and confesses that this universe has got a Creator and that this Creator should be One, easy, it would become quite easy t...}


2018-12-24 693

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