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Muhammad before Prophet-hood
And Verily, you are Endowed with Great Manners … the Prophetic Temperament

{ The greatest image which can reflect the dream Muhammad has drawn in mind (P.B.U.H.) is the act of "pardoning" the people of Mecca when he entered it triumphant ...}


2018-12-22 656

I am a Mercy Rewarded to All

{ When we trace back Muhammad's daily affairs (P.B.U.H.) via his biography, we get well to know the meaning of his word about himself: " I am a gifted mercy to all...}


2018-12-22 653

Muhammad's Noble Manners

{ In Islam, the criterion of assessing the temperament of this religion's embracer lies in the extent of his sympathetic spirit with Muhammad's cause of Islam and ...}


2018-12-22 643

Muhammad's marriage to Lady Khadija Bent Khuwailid (P.B.U.T.)

{ Khadijah Bint Khuwailid is a woman related to a deep-rooted family which has been renowned for noble reputation and highly elevated manners and for its inclination...}


2018-12-22 869

Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and Al-Fudhul Treaty

{ When Muhammad's age mounted to 20 (P.B.U.H.)  he took part in the so-called: Al-Fudhul Treaty as he himself was calling it. Al-Fudhul Treaty was a treaty whic...}


2018-12-22 722

Has Muhammad taken part in pre-Islamic wars?

{ After he had become a prophet, Muhammad said about himself: " I didn't engage myself in anything practiced by the Arabs in the pre-Islamic era." As a result of t...}


2018-12-22 700

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