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Mankind's Relationship with Allah, the Exalted (The Prayer)
The Prayer of thinking and knowledge

{ Thinking first, Prayer next The holy Quran emphasizes in most of its crystal clear verses on inviting man to give rein to mental thinking and contemplation for...}


2019-03-04 680

The Prayer… Definition and Concept

{ Linguistically, the prayer means invocation. If, in response, descends from Allah, the Almighty, it is (mercy) and if it comes from the slaves of Allah, it is (a ...}


2019-03-04 668

The Prayer is a constant principle In the heavenly legislations

{ In a rapid reading of our religious history and in a prompt, passing glimpse of the stages and phases which have been lived by mankind from the age of Adam (Peac...}


2019-03-04 837

The Prayer and the values of equality

{ The writer Hurace Leaf from the Islamic Magazine which is issued in English says: "Nothing is there in the world which can convince me that any religion in the w...}


2019-03-04 748

How must we perform the prayers?

{ When a Moslem starts praying to Allah, he has to perform eleven acts; some of which are called: the "basics" and they are the principal parts of any prayer and i...}


2019-02-18 654

Numbers and times of the obligatory prayer performance on the Moslems

{ As far as obligatory prayer numbers are concerned, they are five in number as stated below: - Daily prayers:  A) Dawn (Morning ...}


2019-02-17 930

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