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Relationship with one's own self (Fasting)(self-sport)
When and How Moslems fast?

{ Moslems, on the whole, fast during the month of Ramadan every year according to the Islamic migration calendar after seeing the crescent at the advent of the mon...}


2019-03-13 865

On whom is fasting obligatory in Islam?

{ In Islam fasting is obligatory on everyone who reaches the legal age of maturity – but this is not enough because there are other points to be cared about which ar...}


2019-03-13 906

Why do we fast?

{ As we have remarked at the beginning of this topic that fasting has not been once as a strange thought or idea to the people but it has been well-known even befo...}


2019-03-13 973

What is Fasting?

{ In language (fast) as a verb means - abstain from – be deprived of – It is not only restricted to prohibit the self from eating and drinking as a norm of worship ...}


2019-03-13 883

Relationship with the human - self (self-sport)/ Fasting

{ Man has found in religion various ways to educate both body and soul together to achieve his instinctive prospect which is inherent in education, creation of glo...}


2019-03-13 760

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