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Islam Moralities
Avoid Disobedience and Injustice

{ Rebellion means refusal to obey the teachings and orders of the Imam whose obedience is obligatory and fight him, too. There are many examples on rebellion again...}


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Avoid Falsehood

{ Falsehood, in fact, means telling a lie which denotes the state of not telling the truth; in other words, it means telling of a thing opposite of what it ...}


2018-12-27 569

Avoid Backbiting and Slander

{ Definition of backbiting:  It is the remembrance of the Muslim in his absence of what he hates to be mentioned about and if he turns out to be not possess...}


2018-12-27 783

Purifying the Heart and the Tongue

{ The cleanness and purity of man's body to which Islam has paid great attention by saying Get clean as Islam does)and on it lies soundness of the worshipping acts ...}


2018-12-27 675

Respecting the Faith of Others

{ Mankind along the ages and times have embraced numerous religion and creeds some of which are heavenly which have come through messengers and prophets, and some ...}


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{ Compassion, linguistically, means showing sentiments of sympathy, leniency, mercy and tenderness in business transactions, daily life dealings with one another w...}


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