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Islamic Religion… Why?
Muslims' Prayer-direction

{ At the beginning, we have to bear in mind that, verily, Allah, (Glory be to Him) is not to be looked upon as "something" or a mere 'entity' as we commonly used t...}


2018-12-11 835

How to enter into Islam?!!

{ At the outset, entry into Islam requires a restricted form and objective in its outlook and purpose which has much to do with that same form.  But as far ...}


2018-12-11 713

Islamic Ideology

{ To use the term "ideology" as a concept, to cover religion as a whole and "Islam in particular, is no more than, rhetorically speaking, a metaphorical descriptio...}


2018-12-11 720

The Final Seal of Religions - Comprehensibility - Preservation from Forgery and Counterfeit Characteristics of Islam

{ The reality of Islam can be understood through understanding its characteristics which, on the whole, constitute privileges distinguishing those messages ...}


2018-12-11 794

How to objectively read Islam?

{ The first thing man has to do to be a Muslim is to accept the sealing prophet and through him, to accept the sealing prophesy which the holy Quran has brought to ...}


2018-12-11 705

Reality of Islam

{ Reality of Islam can't be mature except through its grades and ranks which are: - Perfect submission and verbal attendance (by word of mouth) starting by pronoun...}


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