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What is Fasting?

In language (fast) as a verb means - abstain from – be deprived of – It is not only restricted to prohibit the self from eating and drinking as a norm of worship as when we do during the Ramadhan month. The word "fast" can also be extended in scope to mean: stop talking-or keeping silent as in: to be fasting from – speaking with anybody for a certain period of time and as in: He abandoned "approaching his wife" during the fasting time – which is also regarded - within the legal fasting limit." 
As for jurisprudents' idiom and according to what the – supreme religious authority, the late Ayatollah Abul- Qasim Al-Khu'ee-one of the prominent "Hauzah of Najaf" academy says: Fasting is to abandon having or doing anything which may break the fast for the sake of getting nearer to Allah".

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