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On whom is fasting obligatory in Islam?

In Islam fasting is obligatory on everyone who reaches the legal age of maturity – but this is not enough because there are other points to be cared about which are considered as conditions for achieving fasting without attaching harm and mischief to man. Of these stipulations are the following: 
1-The fasting one must be a Moslem and whoever enters Islam recently, fasting drops off him with regard to the previous years.
2- Fasting is obligatory on the youth who reaches maturity age and non-obligatory on the person below maturity stage or age 
3-Fasting is to be declined from a person who frequently gets fainted or that who has a defective mind so, a madman is also not to be included in fasting.
4-Fasting demands the female to be pure from menstruation and any other state which causes her to be impure during daytime on which she is fasting.
5-The fasting one ought to be at home and not, on travel.
6-The fasting one ought not to be afflicted with a disease which is detrimental to fasting.

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