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The Quranic Stories

The holy Quran has touched upon a number of diverse subjects within its different chapters such as: legislations, rituals, ethics and creed as well as Quranic tales, stories and anecdotes and other things. 
But what interests us in this field which covers so many pages of the holy Quran are stories whose remembrance has been recurrently repeated in various verses of different chapters and all were related in a vivid dramatic narration and embellished with admirable and thrilling details…We have put all this under one unified title-the Quranic Tales.
Linguistically, a story is the narration of news about an issue which has undergone subsequent stages, but the Quranic tales are stories which deal with the events or news about the bygone times of ancient peoples and nations, prophets and messengers and what has occurred to them with their folks of events and accidents together with remembrance of the most significant personalities in the human history and what they coincided with of events within long eras of time…extending, according to some statistical estimations to ten thousands of years.

What is the Purpose behind the Quranic Stories?
So relate the stories, perhaps, they may reflect"(Al-Araf:176)
1. To notify the Muslims of the history of the ancient nations, the prophets and messengers- the former ones and the latter ones and what has happened to them since the start of creation, the descending of Adam (P.B.U.H.) to earth and the birth of the seal of prophets: Muhammad bin Abdullah (P.B.U.H.)
2. To warn them of falling into the same mistakes which the ancient folks have befallen – by showing disobedience to their prophets and falsifying their prophetic claims and proofs and finally encountering their divine torment in this world before the punishment of the Hereafter, embodied in events which have taken place several times over long periods of times.
3. They contain lessons, wisdoms and sermons which can enrich the Islamic society and human society as a whole in its religious and human march along the course of time.
4. To state and elucidate basic common factors between the Islamic religion and other ancient religions with what can enhance and strengthen the faith of the Muslims in Allah and the prophet-hood of Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) as a descended prophet from Allah, the Almighty, as a complementary to the march of prophets and messengers.
5. To put on display, the element of suspense and entertainment during the Quran recitation now and then- to distract the reader's mind from boredom and monotony of the situation especially if the reader is of those who recite the Quran to an excess.
6. There are stories whose events have taken place at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) mentioned in the holy Quran like the story of " The wife who made a dialogue with her husband" (Al-Mujadala) or the story of the one who asked about a befallen torture" (Al-Ma'aich) and this can enhance and reinforce man's faith in Allah to whom be ascribed all glory and perfection and verifies what Allah has descended on the Prophet. (i.e. the Quran) because it narrates events which befall them directly and serve as eye-witnesses. And some may claim and say:  "Who foretold the Prophet about these details? before declaring his full option of Islam. 

The Stories of the Holy Quran
The stories related in the holy Quran are so many that it will be hard for anyone to statistically estimate them. There are long and short stories like the story of Joseph (P.B.U.H.) and what occurred to him with his brothers in his childhood, then Allah, the Almighty, gave him power till he became king of Egypt.   
There is another renowned story of the People of Ahlul-Kahf that is, those young men who believed in their Lord and Allah increased their guidance. They were of the King's attendants and very close in status and position to the ruler of their time King Duqianus; and the story of their long sleep in the cave for three centuries. 
Then comes the story of the prophet Moses (P.B.U.H.) and his relationship with his people and with Pharaoh with some other shorter stories like the stories of some prophets like the Prophet, Lut (P.B.U.H.) and what had happened to him in connection with his people together with the story of Adam's descending to earth and others, like the story of Abraha Al-Habashi as in the chapter of Al-Feel and the story of the woman who made a dialogue with her husband, as in the chapter of Al-Mujadalah and many others.

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