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Stories from the Quran

The noble Quran has dealt, in the folds of its Surahs, with a number of different topics among them are: legislations rituals, ethics, beliefs, Quranic stories and others.
  But what we now want to highlight is a theme which has occupied a broad space in the pages of the holy Quran in a vivid, dramatic narration and pretty details which now we term as "The Quranic Stories"
  Linguistically, a story is telling news about a case ranging in subsequent stages but the Quranic stories are stories or anecdotes which have been narrated in the holy Quran talking about the bygone nations, prophets and the messengers and what was going on between them and their communities in addition to mentioning the important personalities in the human history and what has been synchronizing with them of events through long spans and eras extending from the descending of Adam (P.B.U.H) on earth until the commission of the Prophet Muhammad  which is a very long time, being lived through by many nations peoples estimating according to some accurate statistical data to tens of thousands of years.

What is the Objective behind the Quranic Stories?
"Relate to them the stories so that they may contemplate" (Al-Araf: 176)
1. To make Muslims aware of the history of the ancient nations and stories of the prophets and messengers of the ancestors and predecessors and what happened to them since man's creation as well as the descending of Adam (P.B.U.H.) on earth up to the Seal of the Prophets Muhammad bin Abdullah. (P.B.U.H.)
2. To warn them of committing the same mistakes made by the ancient nations such as:  acts of disobedience to their prophets and falsification of their beliefs and receiving the divine painful torment of the temporal world before that of the hereafter in a course of real events which have recurrently taken place across long periods of history.
3. Implying lessons, wisdoms and sermons which undoubtedly enrich the moral side of the Islamic and human society and thus enhance their didactic element in the individual across time.
4. Stating and demonstrating the common principal bases between the Islamic religion and the former divine religions in a way that can enhance the faith of Muslims in Allah and in the Prophet-hood of Muhammad as a descended prophet from Allah, the Almighty as complementary to the march of prophets and messengers.
5. Presenting now and then the element of suspense and surprise during the recitation of the Quran which takes away from the reader the feeling of boredom, tiredness and monotony of recitation especially the excessive reader.
6. There are stories whose events have occurred during the time of the Prophet himself and which were mentioned in the holy Quran like the story of the one who was "conversing with her husband" in the (Surah of Al-Mujadalah) or that story in which:  
"He asked about a real torment which befell" in the Surah of Al-Ma'arij and that which enhanced faith in Allah, the Almighty and strengthened the verification of the descending of the holy Quran on account of narrating incidents which undeniably coincided before their naked eyes and how so many were there who astonishingly wondered how the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) got to know the details? before declaring his Islam. 

Stories of the Quran
The stories which have been narrated in the holy Quran are so many that it is greatly difficult to count - among which some are so long and pregnant with interrelated events that one can't easily grasp the diverse and complicated situations and implications at one go –like the story of Joseph (P.B.U.H.) and what happened to him with his brothers in his childhood, then how it was destined by Allah to him until he got to be (Dear to the people of Egypt) 
Next to Joseph's story in length and significance comes the "The Companions of the Cave" namely: those young people who believed in their Lord and Allah, the Almighty has, in turn, increased their guidance. 
They were the most intimate royal attendants of the ruler Ducius and the issue of their long sleep in the cave for three centuries, together with the stories that relate to the Prophet Moses (P.B.U.H.) with his people on the one hand and with Pharaoh on the other hand.    
In order to have a full image of this theme, we have to adduce to you ample instances by touching upon the shorter stories - like stories of some prophets such as: the prophet: Lut (P.B.U.H.) and his problem with his people or the story of Adam's descending to earth and the story of Abraha Al-Habashi in the Surah of Al- Feel or the story of the wife who had a dialogue with her husband," as mentioned in the Surah of Al-Mujadalah, and the like.
Let us now deal, in brief, with simple details of some significant stories as narrated in the holy Quran.

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