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The Prophets' Trustees

We have already known that when any prophet along the ages and times completes his message and the time of appointing the one who will come after him before joining his Lord is due, he will be bound to deliver his message to someone among the living to undertake the task of holding responsibility of managing people's affairs to necessarily keep safe the religion of Islam and the guidance of the believers and this what has happened to all of the prophets along the ages.
This, in fact, is a mental necessity before being conveyed through hadiths and narrations by that former prophet as every chieftain, king or president and up to now who wants to leave his post because he wants to travel or fight in a war and the like will recommend the one whom he appoints to take his place and undertake the task like a deputy or an agent or a vice president to shoulder the management of his tasks during his absence and the running of the public affairs of the State.
This agent or trustee must be enjoying the whole qualifications of the original one and with no shortage so that he can with ease let the whole nation go on smoothly till the return of the original one. This is a prevalent convention among countries and peoples and even on the level of a tribe or a family and this is the essential point.
Is it reasonable for the Prophet to pass away without leaving behind a caliph to take hold of public affairs? Which affair is more significant than the management and the preservation of the heavens' message which Allah has made it a mercy to the whole of the worlds?
When Adam's last destination approached (P.B.U.H.) Allah, the Almighty, inspired him that: O Adam! I'll cause you to die and take out your soul and lift you to Me; so recommend the best of your sons that the reward which I gifted to you is: Seth, so recommend him and deliver him what We have taught you of names and taught you the Greatest Name because I wouldn't like to see my land devoid of a man of knowledge who knows My knowledge and judge as I judge and then take him as a proof over My creation. 
Adam has gathered all his children, males and females, and notified them of his recommendation of Seth. Sons of Adam, in return, said: "We listen to him and obey his commands." Then he asked for a casket to be made for him wherein he kept all his knowledge, the names and the will and handed them to Seth and said to him: 
"If you feel you are going to die, recommend your affairs to the best of your sons and give him this casket and thus the tradition of this recommendation has gone from Adam to our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.T.).
Seth has been Adam's trustee and Sam, Noah's son, has been his father's trustee and Ismael- Abraham's trustee, son of Nun has been Moses' trustee; Solomon, has been David's trustee, Asif ben Berkhia, has been has been Solomon's trustee, and Shimon has been Jesus's trustee and Ali bin Abi Talib has been the trustee of Muhammad (P.B.U.T) who has been the best of the trustees for the best of the prophets.

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