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A new Islamic website adopting moderation as a program for it and relying on contemporary and scientific means in exporting its speech-in form and content-to enrich the human library with a moderate subject presentation;
- Answering your questions on matters of creation, the Creator and religion;
Searching for the existence of religion and its benefits for the life of man;
Searching for the human joint traits and confirming the role of sound instinct before being altered by ideological trends or fragmented by various orientations and randomly driven away from its original roots.

Islam … Why? 
Is but an electronic website which calls for humanism and man-containing all and without squandering the stabilized pre-requisites; looking through lenses with deep crystal-clear focuses with which it refutes, criticizes, argues, convinces and perhaps get itself convinced;
- For it owns fertile and spacious areas for running dialogues; and its platforms are open for argumentation and its first and last condition is: seeking the truth, no more, no less.
- Attempting to clear away the dust from the lens of the truth-seeker as far as Islam is concerned.
- Pursuing the threads of truth before turning false.
- Breaking with the familiar if found violating the right path.
- Relying on wisdom and dealing with matters in a fair way and in good faith.
- Employing diverse domains and opening numerous windows.
Words, lines and pages which know no limits implying one single goal… Building the model man.
Yes, and having no end….as it flows up from a pure stream and perpetual, fresh fountain …
It is the "Word of Allah" which the whole sea-water comes to an end before His "Word" ends.
So, after the conjecturers have got suspicious about the real objectives of religion and after the extremists have gone too far away from understanding "Allah" …. they falsified, opposed, disguised and pretended that they believed in nothing save in their own assumptions… thinking themselves as being "Allah's guardians on earth." to Whom be ascribed all glory and perfection….

Therefore, killing…. is their sole aim; racism…their program and extremism… their life-style.
Islam… Why? It really gives…. obvious, strict and accurate answers to millions of question-marks and thousands of exclamation-marks-undoing what remained vague or ambiguous and uncovering what is hidden…because "Discovery of Truth" is basically our most important theme.  

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