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Muslims' Prayer-direction

At the beginning, we have to bear in mind that, verily, Allah, (Glory be to Him) is not to be looked upon as "something" or a mere 'entity' as we commonly used to see or define things, that is: restricted by limits and guided by an outside force or authority and to be more succinct and to the point is that: "Wherever a Muslim turns his face, he will meet Allah's sight.
But Allah's election of His Old House at the Honorable Kaaba sight as a prayer location and as a front - line direction for Muslims with regard to practicing some of their worshipping rituals – is but a symbolic religious orientation during the performance of their prayers as well as transacting their pilgrimage obligations during its due time
The honorable Kaaba is a man-made building which has witnessed a number of phases and stages initiated by the honorable prophet of Allah Abraham(P.B.U.H.) and his son Ishmael(P.B.U.H.) when they lifted up its pillars and reinforced its walls with the stones of the earth except its Black Stone which is found somewhere at one of its corners characterized as being a heavenly stone and, in consequence, its sanctity is derived from the point of its affiliation to Allah to Whom be ascribed all glory and perfection after having honored him by relating it to Him and not to its architectural or building or historical nature.

Muslims, in turning their faces towards Al-Kaaba, is not to be meant prostrating to it out of respect to the location but their prostration is dedicated to Allah alone and their attention is only directed to keeping entirely obedient to His orders.
Historically speaking, the prayer direction of the Muslims of the first stage of the prophetic mission up to 14 years after the sending of the divine revelation) the prayer direction was heading towards Bayt Al-Maqdis in Palestine but then they changed their attitude and directed their way towards Makka in obedience to Allah's orders (Glory be to him) after He had seen in the Messenger's spirit, Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) excessive zeal towards the prayer direction and a heavy grief in his breast: 
"Verily. We have seen the turning of your face (Muhammad) towards the heaven. Surely, We shall turn you to a direction that shall please you, so turn your face in the direction of Al-Masjid Al-Haram (the sanctuary at Macca) And wherever you are, turn your faces (in prayer) in that direction.
Certainly, the people were given the Scripture (i.e. the Jews and the Christians) know well that, (your turning towards the direction of Macca (in prayers) is the truth from their Lord. And Allah is not unaware of what they do."(Al-Baqarah 144)
Geographically, the holy Kaaba lies at the longitude of 39 d' and 49 minutes to the north and by latitude of 21 d., and 25 minutes to the north.
Al-Kaaba has got several names among them are the following:
Al-Bayt, Al-Bayt Al-Atiq, Al-Masjid Al-Haram, Awal Bayt. 
So, Al-Kaaba has become the Muslims' prayer direction, in prayers, as well as their permanent settlement and the ever visiting place of the whole people of the world. The obligatory pilgrimage is once in one's whole age, provided that the person can afford to pay the full amount of the pilgrimage as far as one can within a series of rites and norms.
We are going right now to leave this topic aside for we will single out a new title for this theme under the heading: "The Renewal of the Muslim's Covenant with Allah" in a separate chapter named: "Rules of Moral Behavior" within the category of: "Branches of Religion.

"Besides, we will touch upon something of its character, favors, privileges, building structure and the curtain which is hugging four corners of the room-like case and standing as highly impressive monuments of Islamic heritage."

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