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The Story of "Joseph" the Prophet of Allah (P.B.U.H.)

Jacob, the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) the father of Joseph, (P.B.U.H.) has got many children, amongst them 11 sons before Raheal who is the mother of Joseph and Penjamin (P.B.U.T.). They all have been living with their father Jacob (P.B.U.H.) under one ceiling in a region called Kan'an (Palestine). 
The story starts with a night dream seen by his little son Joseph who related it to his father: "O my father! Verily, I saw (in a dream) eleven stars and the sun and the moon; I saw themselves prostrating to me." (Joseph: 4)
On hearing the story of the dream, the father warned him of telling his story to his brothers lest they make a plot to kill him or do a mischief to him. Jacob knew very well the interpretation of this dream that is that Joseph would be a Prophet but he knew that Allah would rescue him and empower him to rule over the land and all his brothers will enter into his obedience admitting his favor to them and asking him for forgiving their sin towards him.
Jacob's sons have dropped their little brother Joseph down into the well out of their envy because their father gave all his attention to their little brother Joseph, but Allah the Almighty, directed a caravan that was leaving for Egypt, let them pass that way and rescued him and took him with them to Egypt and there they sold him in the slave market but the one who bought him had been an authoritative man and very close to Pharaoh. 
This man gave the little boy to his wife as a gift but the man who bought him was an authoritative man and very close to Pharaoh who in turn gave him to his impotent wife Zuleikha and thus he lived with them and grew up there under their care. 
When he became mature and got to be a handsome young boy she madly fell in love with him who is still in her house and she offered herself to him but he rejected her offer and stood firm in his decision. 
While they were struggling each other Zuleikha's husband saw them together. She complained to him saying that it was he who wanted to do her the illegal act and for this same cause, he was jailed and there he forgot him for seven years.
After that, Allah, the Almighty, helped Joseph get out of his prison to become one of the close companions of Pharaoh who later on made him his minister in his royal court.
The course of events of this story goes along till the State was severely hit by famine because of a deadly drought but by virtue of Joseph's wise administration Egypt was delivered safe from this crucial crisis.
Not only this, Egypt did not only rescue its people from famine but also helped the neighboring peoples by supplying them with what they required of wheat and this made the people of Kan'an who were tremendously hit by the famine go to Egypt in search of food. 
Amongst them were the brothers of Joseph who once had dropped him in the well. He recognized them but they could not. His paternal and maternal brother Penjamin was with them. Joseph seized the opportunity of presence of Penjamin and, cunningly, kept his brother with him.
Then he introduced himself to them and sent for his father Jacob (P.B.U.H.) so, his both parents-the father, the mother and the brothers have gathered together in his office and all at once prostrated to Allah in front of him so that the story of the dream that he had seen in his childhood had come true on the ground of reality.

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