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Al-Miqdad Al-Kindi… To him the Paradise Craved

Al-Miqdad has been a faithful and brave man, and of the remarkable characters-ever chaste, well-behaved, benevolent, patient in hardships and he is one of the four figures whom the Paradise craves, as Allah's Messenger (P. B. U.H) has said of him.
Al-Miqdad has witnessed the Islamic wars until he was nicknamed as being the first knight in Islam and he intimated the people of the Prophetic House and didn't change his attitude towards them all his life. He even has been among the people whom Amir Al-Muminin (P.B.U.H.) in the case of Lady Zahra's burial (P.B.U.H.) who has been buried secretly and her grave has been kept hidden until now.
He has got an honorable situation as regards the novelty of appointing the caliphs after the Allah's Messenger. (P.B.U.H.) in which he played a vital role in promoting the notion of Al-Shura (common deliberation). It is sufficient to take these stage leaders as specimen or patterns for the number of the leaders of such kind is greater than these lines can contain. 
The following chapters will touch upon some of their attitudes and situations and others, too, according to what we choose for talking about. 

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