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Had Religion been in the Chandelier's Star, Salman would have hitched his Wagon to it… Salman Al-Muhammadi

The noble Prophet was not heedless of naming his stage and strategic leaders considering Islam as religion of worldly life and Hereafter life, that is to say, it is the religion of every time and place.
He named his stage leaders as companions of Ali bin Abi Talib (P.B.U.H.) like taking Salman Al-Farisi as a pure ally and nicknaming him as Muhammadian in spirit until he is honored with being called" Salman Al-Muhammadi" after he had invested his manipulation, wisdom and intelligence for the sake of Islam especially when putting in mind that he had got a wide range of experience of life and of the events of other religions and hid belief in the prophesy of the noble Prophet from the start; 
Therefore, he has been among the first to have faith in Islam and the first to take part in the great battle of Badr. The Prophet has felt sure of his honesty and fidelity to Islam and to his faith in Islam that made him say on his behalf: "Had religion been settling in the Chandelier's Star, Salman would have grasped it," This prophetic impression in Salman seems to have made him a depository of knowledge treasures of Allah's Messenger and his trustee i.e. Amir Al-Muminin (P.B.U.T.) for they were talking to him about what is unbearable for others to believe in the kinds of Allah's knowledge and the implied mysteries of His Creation. 

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