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Muhammadian-for Ever

We came to know that Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) has availed no effort in preserving the fair and heavenly system and its Quranic masterpiece with rendering its application on the ground of reality in the society of Al-Madina Al-Munawarah; so, he went on encouraging those who own due competence in leadership and administration of the Islamic society. 
Since Islam is the finalizing heavenly message whose durability is everlasting and eternal, the noble Messenger (P.B.U.H.) started the preparation of the forthcoming leaders of his religion just as he has done for the stage leaders by naming the characters in their persons, he also named the Imams in their persons who were exclusively known as: " The Golden Progeny" for their being well qualified to hold the post of the Imamate after him and made some of them as his disciples or apostles and counted them to be the successors of the first leader Ali bin Abi Talib (P.B.U.T.) and they were only eleven leaders adding to them the first to be, all in all, (12) in number as high-ranked people of the society. 
According to the chronological order, they were as follows: Ali, bin Abi Talib, nick-named as: Al-Murtadha, then to be followed by his son: Al-Hasan bin Ali, nick-named: Al-Mujtaba, then, followed by his brother – Al-Hussain bin Ali, nick-named: the Martyred (Al-Shaheed), then to be succeeded by his son Ali bin Al-Hussain, nick-named Al-Sajjad, then his son, Muhammad bin Ali, nick-named Al-Baqir, then his son, Ja'far bin Muhammad, nick-named: Al-Sadiq, then his son, Musa bin Ja'far, nick-named:Al-Kadhum, then his son, Ali bin Musa, nick-named:Al-Ridha, then his son, Muhammad bin Ali, nick-named: Al-Jawad, then his son, Ali bin Muhammad, nick-named: Al-Hadi, then, his son, Al-Hasan bin Ali, nick-named: Al-Askari, then, his son, that is, the last one: A-Hasan bin Ali Al-Hasan, nick-named, Hujjat-ul-Allah, Al-Mahdi Al-Muntadhar (P.B.U.T.)
This series of the Imamate, as the Messenger of Allah has announced as the trustees of this nation-the nation of Islam-after him. Yes, as trustees on what Allah has descended on him and what he affirmed is but divine revelation and not of his own invention.
That was really and perfectly done by the Creator of All the World or rather say:The Owner of the Whole Universe to Whom be ascribed all glory and perfection. 
We will then proceed to talk about everyone who is mentioned in this series in detail within Chapter:" The Trustees of the noble Prophet in the forthcoming researches. 

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